Exceeding-Expectations (five-day workshop)

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The phenomenal rate at which organisations are embracing digitisation for routine and repetitive transactions is unprecedented. Kudos to all the determined software engineers and technology masterminds who have pioneered thriving industries in the wide-spread adoption of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and hyper-automation.

Customers are truly spoilt for choice with connected apps that are within an arm’s length away. A few keystrokes on the closest keyboard and the world wide web provides us with a plethora of self-service options. In this modern world of automation, human-intervention has inconspicuously been reserved for ‘exceptions’ and this phenomenon has gradually become the new norm.

As a customer, how often does this leave you feeling helpless in your time of need?
As a business, what are you doing to avoid disappointed customers?

For this collaborative (two-part) five-day experience design workshop, we will –

Customer Journey Management

   •   explore the current state of a single, end-to-end customer journey;
   •   unpack customer perceptions, pain points and moments of truth along that journey;
   •   align organisational objectives and capabilities of technology to customer wants, needs and expectations; and
   •   develop an ideal customer journey that enables seamless articulation of intended experiences across all points of customer interaction.

Service Blueprinting

   •   co-create a simple, easy-to-understand, chronological graphical representation of inter-connected dependencies, necessary to deliver human-centred experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Your customers are drawn to your brand by the perceived value, personal benefit, and human experience of using your product or service. Whether your organisation is a B2B or B2C company, your brand is continuously delivering experiences at every point of customer interaction, through all available customer touchpoints, either in-person, on-call or via digital platforms.

If these experiences enrich the everyday lives of your customers, they will be back for more and how you incorporate these technologies into the end-to-end customer journey is equally important.


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