Understand-Your-Brand (two-day workshop)

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It was Mark Fields – former CEO at Ford Motor Company that made revolutionary, modern management consultant, Peter Drucker’s iconic quotation world-famous: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” they said. We disagree!

Company culture can best be described as the shared values and belief systems from which an organisation gains its character. Firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of its employees, culture is having a common mindset that influences internal behaviour of similar sorts – to produce business outcomes that are both manageable and on-brand. But, where does this begin?

For this collaborative, two-day experience design workshop, we will –
   •   delve into the detailed intricacies of your core brand offerings, brand promises, and brand values;
   •   create a customer experience strategy that responds to your customer’s varied wants, needs and expectations;
   •   deploy a globally renowned tool to stress-test our meticulously crafted customer experience strategy for all-round completeness.

At Being Human, we know that a well-rounded customer experience strategy is a critical, multi-functional CX tool that –
   •   describes the emotional response your brand intends to elicit through its interactions with customers;
   •   steers adequate resources towards prioritised CX projects to enable seamless articulation of intended experiences across all customer touchpoints;
   •   guides employee attitudes and behaviors towards targeted delivery of branded and differentiated experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.

How did Zappos become one of the world’s most customer-centric brands?
Their culture of customer-centricity was developed around their CX strategy, “To Live and Deliver WOW.”

What will your organisation’s CX strategy be?
Book us now to find out!


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